Last Night feat. Lariss - Not Sorry

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If i’d tell you my secret
Would you be hating on me?
I fell in love with a stranger
But you were too blond to see
Now we fighting, fighting
If I say sorry, I’d be lying, lying
Girl that’s the truth
And i’ve been wasted, wasted
Oh from that liquor i’ve been tasting, tasting yeah
I just wanna tell you, I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry
I just wanna tell you that without you baby
Actually it’s so good
I just wanna tell you that my heart is learning
How to let go of you
Even I , I never thought, I’d say goodbye
I decided to give up on your lies
On your eyes in disguise
You can say what you want
But as long as you turned my heaven upsidedown
I’m living a hell
I cheated, I’m not sorry
Lied to you, l’m not sorry
Treat you bad, I’n not sorry, no
You cheated, l’m not sorry
Lied to me, I’m not sorry
Treat me bad, I’m not sorry, no!
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